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Informed by a needs assessment, and using our holistic and integrated approach, our Empowerment Project provides women of child bearing age with the ability to increase their income and achieve sustained financial independence as a means of attaining good sexual and reproductive health. Our Project contributes towards the attainment of national and international targets for the reduction of infant and maternal mortality.  

Our strategy has been to build on the strengths of the kabilo (community) system – characterized by community-based occupational, task-oriented socio-economic groups – and its modest attempts at economic empowerment to alleviate livelihood constraints.

The Project was piloted in the Kiang East District villages of Geniere, Kaif, Medina Sancha, Sarre Samba, Munkutala, Njolfen and Toranka Banta, consisting of 24 kabilos. Each kabilo identified two kabilo baamas (community mothers) to serve as conduits for reproductive and child health information, and provide counseling for timely antenatal care and deliver at the health facilities, as well as become beneficiaries of our Functional Literacy and Income Generation components.

Key components of the Project include: