The Empowerment Project

Male action groups

One of the landmarks of our Empowerment Project is the formation, capacity building and support of Male Action Groups to support women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights. Our work with men revolves around the concept that:

  • Partnership with women can bring greater success in the home, at the community and within the state
  • Masculinity is manifested in positive ways including supporting partnerships between man and women; respect for women’s views and ideas; creating space for dialogue between partners; making informed decisions together; sharing responsibilities particularly with respect to issues of sexuality, child bearing and rearing; empathy and support during pregnancy; and prevention of gender-based violence.

These principles guide all discussions and interventions with the Male Action Groups, established to promote positive family and reproductive health issues. Each group has formulated activities on how to collaborate with their partners on family planning, how to support them during pregnancy and how to improve the referral system in accordance with their means. Blood donation activities have been initiated by the groups in all the participating villages.