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We provide the highest standards in medical service delivery as well as lifesaving information and knowledge on health matters. 

We also strengthen the capacity of girls and women in various life skills for economic sustenance, improved nutrition and health-seeking behaviour. 

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Updated Policy on In-patient Visits

As the incidence of Covid19 reduces, we would like to inform our esteemed clients that the restrictions on our in-patient visitor policy have been slightly lowered. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Millions of women worldwide suffer from breast cancer and hundreds of thousands died from it every year. The World Health Organization reports 684,996 breast cancer related deaths in 2020. Although it is the most common cancer among women, it does not have to be fatal. Many lose their lives unnecessarily because their cases are often detected when their illness is already well advanced, and by then it is too late.


Health care delivery

Our medical services contribute to the reduction of illnesses and deaths in The Gambia through the provision of integrated health preventive and clinical care, maternal and child health care, and nutritional orientation to all.

Our work therefore responds to both the national health policy goals and the United Nation’s health related Sustainable Development Goals.

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