The Empowerment Project

Training of community health counsellors and kabilo baamas

Training is conducted for kabilo baamas using Participatory Rural Communication Appraisal (PRCA), which enables them to engage with their community members in discussing, identifying, analyzing and understanding a given problem or issue that needs to be addressed, and proposing possible solutions. 

With the help of various tools, kabilo baamas are able to come up with qualitative and quantitative information and data on the identified issue(s) for deeper understanding and better identification of solutions.

The kabilo baamas are trained in counseling in the area of reproductive health care to include required antenatal care and services, labour, delivery, postnatal and infant care as well as sensitization on the advantages of delivering at the health facilities. Each community health counselor and kabilo baama has been provided with activity forms for use for each pregnant women counseled and a form for the summary of monthly activities. The activity form facilitates the collection of data, enhanced by pictorial expression of the danger signs during pregnancy. Danger signs graphically demonstrated include high blood pressure, excessive vomiting, severe headache, bleeding, draining water early (liquor) and anemia. 

These women have been sharing their wealth of knowledge with their community members through regular community sensitizations and dialogues as well as on the individual level with women through counselling sessions.