Project Strategies

Awareness Raising

We use different channels to support our awareness creation effort. These include mass media, both print and electronic; traditional media, specifically traditional communicators; billboards; our website; SMS; mobile Apps (WhatsApp); workshops, training sessions and conferences; and social events.

We develop IEC materials including posters, fliers, brochures, booklets, educational story books and newsletters on different issues, as well as promotional materials with key messages such as t-shirts and caps. Some of these materials are translated into local languages for a broader reach in awareness creation. They are distributed during social mobilization activities and used in our Functional Literacy Project Component.

We have created and trained women’s groups in our intervention communities to, among other aspects, support awareness raising. These include BAFROW’s Obstetric Fistula Support Group, BAFROW’s Association of Ex-circumcisers, and the BAFROW established Kabilo Baamas (community mothers).