Social and economic empowerment

Training and Empowerment Centre

Our multi-service empowerment centre located in our Model Village in Mandinaba village provides ongoing training and capacity building facilities for project beneficiaries and the general public.¬†We currently provide the following training for basic and advanced levels, with each course broken down into a sequential syllabus to determine its time frame: functional literacy in Mandinka, women’s reproductive health issues, human rights, gender and development, small scale business management, effective advocacy and lobbying, life skills including good communication and basic business skills, baking, sewing and embroidery, and computer literacy. The complex houses a training hall, two classrooms for smaller group training, a sewing room, a showroom for the display of finished products, and an office. It also houses our Learning, information and research centre.

Learning, Information and Research Centre

The centre helps beneficiaries and their families sustain and enhance the knowledge and positive attitude obtained through years of functional literacy. It houses a wide range of reading, learning and reference materials in English and the local languages. Internet facilities enable the Librarian and other users to browse and download first-hand information on different development issues.