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The Empowerment Project

Functional Literacy

The kabilo baamas and other project beneficiaries in each targeted village are engaged in functional literacy in the subjects of numeracy, book keeping and basic business management to enable them to manage their income generating activities.

Through this component, these women are educated so that they can adopt positive behaviours relating to sexual and reproductive health (SRH). They are also provided with a wide range of information followed by dialogue on a variety of related issues including proper hygiene and sanitation practices, the importance of girls’ education, good mother and child nutrition, protection of girls and women from harmful practices such as FGM/C and the national law banning it, and civil responsibilities. 

They receive basic training in communication, advocacy and lobbying skills to assist them in subsequent community mobilization and awareness raising activities for positive SRH behaviours and practices.

They are encouraged to share the knowledge and skills acquired during the literacy lessons with families and friends who are not enrolled so that, ultimately, the entire community benefits, enabling:

  • Women to make their own decisions including the protection of their sexual and reproductive health and rights, and
  • Communities to move forward together strategically in advancing women’s rights and reducing gender inequality.