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BAFROW's High Protein Mix

'Dundal Njobot'/ 'Dimbaayaa Balundoo'

About BAFROW’s High Protein Mix

A fundamental aspect of our work in health promotion is to encourage good nutrition as well as prevent and manage malnutrition. This is why we have trained the BAFROW Women’s Groups to manufacture an affordable home-made cereal at our Multi-purpose Skills Training Centre in Mandinaba.

The cereal, locally known as ‘Dundal Njoboot’ or ‘Dimbaayaa Balundoo’, is high in protein and rich in nutrients and a wide range of vitamins. It has been analysed and certified by an expert nutritionist and has proven very effective in combating malnutrition. It can be obtained from any of our outlets.  

Phone us at +220 39 55 102 to find out more.

How To Prepare

  1. Add cold water to desired amount of powder to form light paste
  2. Slowly pour paste mixture into boiling water while stirring gently
  3. Leave to cook for approximately 10 minutes; stir at intervals
  4. Add milk and/or sugar to taste for preference