Social and economic empowerment

Child Welfare

Designed to help protect the welfare and rights of children, the Child Welfare component enrolls children, predominantly girls, aged 18 months to five years into BAFROW supported pre-schools for basic education while protecting them from harmful traditional practices, neglect, abuse, exploitation and parental ignorance. During school hours, the children’s health is monitored and records are kept of their weight, personal hygiene, physical appearance and behaviour. 

Our medical staff screen all infants and under-fives regularly to ensure that they are reaching their health and developmental milestones as well as conforming to the national Maternal and Child Health requirements in terms of attendance and immunization. They are also provided basic nutritious foods which includes our high in nutrient cereal, Dundal Njoboot (Munko).

The Child Welfare component builds on the Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation and all other Harmful Traditional Practices project because when a female child is enrolled in the pre-school, she is also registered into the alternative rite of passage program which ensures that the child will not be circumcised by obtaining consent from the parents to monitor the child on a regular basis.

It is also linked to our My baby Tree Initiative under our Gender and Environment project. Parents of the enrolled child are encouraged to plant a tree on enrolment day. Family members take care of the tree as well as the child is cared for, and once the child is old enough, she takes over caring for it. The fruits that the tree bears are sold by the family and the proceeds contribute to the welfare of the child.