Medical services

Infant and child welfare

Our Infant and Child Welfare Clinic is open every Thursday.

Following thorough screening, our expert Paediatricians address every child’s case based on the child’s individual needs. Children aged 0 to 5 years who are registered at our hospital are vaccinated and encouraged to come for monthly visits during which their psychological and physical development are monitored to ensure they are meeting their milestones. We also screen these children for certain medical and heredity conditions. 

Parents are provided with information on nutrition, vaccination and other aspects relevant to the growth and development of the infant or child.


We have a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which is supported by the latest equipment for the best in specialized treatment and care for infants and children.

Our child-only general ward is designed for the safety and comfort of your child. It has an adjoining Nurse’s Station which is manned 24/7 by experienced nurses.