Medical services

General Out-patient Services (OPD)

Our outpatient service is available every day, 24 hours and day, with highly experienced and professional doctors and nurses working around the clock to provide you the best in general and specialized medical care.

Emergency preparedness

Emergency rooms

Our OPD team is trained to handle and respond to medical emergencies efficiently.  We make sure that our emergency rooms are continuously equipped with critical emergency supplies and equipment for prompt action. 

Ambulance service

Our Ambulance Service is always on standby to respond to emergencies. To ensure the earliest intervention, each ambulance is equipped with basic medical supplies, equipment and qualified staff so that your basic medical needs are addressed on the way. 

Waiting areas

Private waiting rooms

Recognizing the importance of privacy for some patients, we provide comfortable private waiting rooms. You can either book beforehand or request for the service from the reception on arrival.

General waiting areas

Our general waiting areas are spacious and well-ventilated with comfortable seats. They are kept clean at all times to reduce the incidence of infection spread.