Medical services

Counseling and health education

Our social workers and counsellors provide psychosocial support including one-to-one and couples’ counselling. OVCs and people living with HIV are also targeted.

Our health staff provide information to patients on site or conduct community sensitizations on diverse health issue such as malaria prevention, prevention and management of HIV, pregnancy related information, health effects of female genital mutilation, prevention of domestic violence, and prevention and management of non-communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes, to name a few.

Similarly, couples enjoy education sessions about pregnancy, which involve discussions with the doctors, midwives, social worker, dietician and counsellor on family planning, pregnancy, and preparing for their new-born.

Prevention and Management of Malnutrition

A fundamental aspect of our counselling sessions is to promote good nutrition as well as prevent and manage malnutrition.

BAFROW manufactures a cereal that is rich in nutrients which has proven very effective in combating malnutrition. The cereal, BAFROW’s High Protein Mix or Dundal Njoboot/ Dimbaayaa Balundoo/ Munko, can be obtained for any of our outlets.