Covid 19

What we are doing

As per national directives, we do not conduct Covid 19 testing. We however collect smears from patients in our in-patient who are suspected of having the virus. These smears are then sent to the National Laboratory for processing. The results are sent to us to share with the patient.  

Since the onset of Covid 19, we have been guided by our Emergency Preparedness and Response Strategy and National and International Guidelines to prevent and control infections within our facility.

Some of our prevention measures include:

  • Screening of patients: We have set up a separate unit where all patients are required to go through screening before entering the hospital.
  • Compulsory hand washing: Running water and soap are provided at the entrance of the hospital. All patients, guests and staff are required to wash their hands before entering the building. Hand washing information, soap, running water and disposable towels are also available in all toilets within the hospital to encourage regular hand washing. In addition, all our medical staff must wash their hands:
    • before and after coming in contact with a sick person
    • before and after tending to open injuries
    • after blowing their noses
    • after using the toilet
    • before and after eating or handling food
    • after handling garbage
  • Temperature check: We check the temperature of everyone before they enter the building. All those recording a temperature that is outside of normal are invited to our Isolation Unit pending follow-up
  • Two metres spacing: We observe a two metres spacing in all our waiting areas
  • Visitors: Until further notice or unless a patient’s situation is critical, we are discouraging visitors and escorts in our inpatient
  • Human traffic control: Trained security guards, situated at all entrances, work with the reception staff to make sure that the waiting areas are not crowded and that the one metre spacing is respected
  • Disinfecting the facility: Housekeeping makes sure that the floors and other surfaces are cleaned regularly with disinfectant during the course of the day
  • Protective gear: It is compulsory for all our medical staff to wear a protective face mask and gloves, especially when they are with patients. It is mandatory for all patients and visitors to wear a face mask. They are also advised to practice covering their mouths and noses with a disposable towel or the inside of their elbows when coughing and sneezing without a mask on
  • Quarantine: All suspected Covid 19 cases are quarantined in our Isolation Unit for follow-up. This unit is decontaminated regularly.
  • Staff testing: Our staff are subjected to regular Covid 19 screening
  • Awareness: We have also placed around the hospital Covid 19 related information on posters as well as our electronic message board for your information
  • Getting vaccinated: We encourage our patients to take the vaccine against Covid 19

Your responsibility is simple…. All you have to do is respect and adhere to all our preventive measures when your visit our hospital. In doing so, you are not only protecting yourself, you are protecting others as well and contributing to curbing the spread of the Covid 19.