Campaign against FGM and other harmful traditional practices

Empowering Men as Partners in Engendering Development Efforts

Our approach with men is to demystify the myths and beliefs about women and demonstrate that partnership with women can bring greater success in the home, at the community and within the state. We work with and train existing men’s groups to become Male Action Groups so that their level of knowledge and understanding of, and actions towards different thematic issues commensurate with that of their spouses or partners who have benefited, and continue to do so, from our program.

Their training revolves around the following principles: supportive partnerships between man and women; respect for women’s views and ideas; creating space for dialogue between partners; making informed decisions together and sharing responsibilities particularly about sexuality, pregnancy, delivery and child rearing; and prevention of gender-based violence. These principles also guide all subsequent discussions with men on family and reproductive health issues, harmful traditional practices, HIV prevention, and other development related issues.