Campaign against FGM and other harmful traditional practices

Baalu Niima (Better Life) for Ex-Circumcisers and their Communities

Over the years, in our bid to accelerate the abandonment of female genital mutilation (FGM) in The Gambia, we have worked closely with ex-circumcisers to build their capacity in different areas by sharing with them useful information on the repercussions of FGM and training them in various skills for alternative income generation.

With the 2015 national ban on the practice, we redoubled our efforts to make sure that the practice did not go underground among our beneficiaries, and included among our areas of focus rigorous community sensitization for understanding and application of the law banning FGM.

This component ensures that ex-circumcisers retain their status and respect in their community because they continue to oversee and conduct lessons during our alternative passage rite ceremony, and are viewed as ‘knowledge banks’ for information on FGM and other reproductive health issues. Community members also benefit from their newly acquired skills in bread and pastry making, tie and dye, or sewing, among others.

Activities under this sub-component resulted in the formation of the Association of ex-Circumcisers.