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Prevention of Harmful Traditional Practices, including Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Baalu Niima (Better Life) for Ex-Circumcisers and their Communities

Alongside training and educating ex-circumcisers as advocates for FGM/C abandonment, we have given them various skills for alternative source of income, including in baking, tailoring and tie and dye. Beneficiaries who showed potential were given seed money to set up or expand small businesses, which have benefited both their families and their communities. 

This component also ensures ex-circumcisers retain their status and respect in their community. It enables them to have leadership roles in organizing our alternative passage rite ceremonies as well as oversee and conduct lessons during  the ceremonies. Further, they are viewed as ‘knowledge banks’ for information by members of their communities, and hold one to one counselling sessions and dialogues with women on FGM/C and sexual reproductive health issues.