Medical Services


Our surgical department is designed to provide patients advanced surgical care. We offer both open and minimally invasive surgery using the latest in laparoscopy technology.  Our digital C-arm equipment provides the best in surgical imaging. 


Laparoscopy is a revolutionary procedure which allows our doctors to detect irregularities in your abdominal area that cannot be seen by imaging scans such as computed tomography or CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging or MRI, or ultrasound.

The procedure is safe, painless and minimally invasive. The laparoscope, which has a high-resolution camera and a high-intensity light at the end of it, sends real-time uninterrupted images to a monitor, permitting our doctors to see your small and large intestines, stomach, gallbladder, appendix, pancreas, liver, spleen, or pelvic and reproductive organs for irregularities.

The procedure can help our doctors examine, diagnose or observe different conditions including, but not restricted to: appendicitis; liver disease; fluids in the abdomen; abdominal tumors; swelling of the gall bladder; ectopic pregnancy; ovarian cysts; ovarian, endometrial or cervical cancer; pelvic inflammatory disease; abscess in the pelvic; painful scar tissue in the pelvic; uterine fibroids; or infertility.

By using the right type of miniaturized instruments, laparoscopy can also be used to repair damages to some abdominal organs and treat a variety of conditions with surgery performed through the tiny cut made. These include removing the appendix, the uterus, an ectopic pregnancy, and cancer affected lymph nodes in the pelvic area. Furthermore, it can repair damages to the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries, and collect tissue sample for biopsy.

Laparoscopy has a short recovery timeframe, which means that you can go home after a few hours of observation.