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Our Health Promotion and Health Care Service Delivery project is based on the principle that sound health is closely linked with economic well-being, conducive physical and social environments, good personal hygiene, functional literacy and the absence of all traditional practices that affect the health and well-being of women and children. 

Born from this concept is BAFROW’s Medical Centre, a national, non-profit, self-sustained clinical institution established to provide integrated health preventive and clinical care, maternal and child health care, and nutritional orientation to all, but especially the most vulnerable.


Our Social and Economic Empowerment project is built on the premise that educating women and giving them the means to generate income for financial independence increase their understanding of issues affecting their lives and enhance their ability to effectively make a positive difference in their homes, communities and the country.

The objective of this project is to provide women of child bearing age adequate education, skills and financial support that would help increase their income and enhance their access to reproductive health information and services.


Our Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation and all other Harmful Traditional Practices project has the goal of supporting national efforts to eradicate all forms of traditional and cultural practices impeding the advancement of women.

Given the influential position held and roles played by circumcisers, traditional healers, and religious leaders, their involvement in the preparatory, implementation and monitoring processes of the project is essential. We have therefore empowered them to assume leadership roles in the campaign against harmful traditional cultural practices and in the promotion of positive ones.

Our target groups include everyone, but in particular women and girls, circumcisers, community and religious leaders, health workers, traditional birth attendants, youths and men.


Our Fistula Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Re-integration project seeks to reduce the prevalence of obstetric fistula in The Gambia while helping affected women reintegrate into and regain their dignity and respect within their communities through medical surgery and capacity building.  

Obstetric fistula occurs when the pressure of a baby’s head in the birth canal causes loss of circulation to the delicate tissues of an area which eventually die and rot away leaving an unnatural hole between the reproductive and excretory organs and resulting in fecal and or urinary incontinence. Given the perpetual stench of urine and / or faeces emanating from affected women, they are often stigmatized and ostracized.

Studies have shown that situations such as lack of education, early marriage and pregnancy, home-delivery with unskilled attendants, late arrival at and difficult access to health facilities, and limited emergency obstetric care can contribute to obstetric fistulas.


Our Gender and The Environment project views rural women as high stakeholders in the environment, given their traditional role of exploring, exploiting and sustaining the environment both for domestic use and for the survival of the family.

This project teaches not only women, but also youths and men, about emerging issues around climate change and their impact on the environment as well as how to manage their surrounding ecosystem to arrest deforestation and ensure the sustainability and lushness of the vegetation.

To reinforce and sustain this project, we support environmental initiatives developed by graduates of our Functional Literacy component and women’s groups, organize and support training and information campaign on environmental protection, preservation and regeneration; and support communities to participate in development projects that promote ecologic sustainability and human environment.