Bafrow Medical Centre

Providing quality,affordable and accessible health care services.

Bafrow Medical Centre

Mandinaba Model Village

Bafrow's Model Centre in Mandinaba showcases our holistic,comprehensive and human centered approach to sustainable development.

Female Genital Cutting

BAFROW's comprehensive and integrated FGMC prevention program advocates for a restructured rites of passage of girls that excludes cutting

Fistula Prevention and Management

The first Fistula treatment and rehabilitation centre in The Gambia has increased treatment of Fistula patients.

'Dundal Njoboot' High Protein Cereal

Bafrow's campaign on nutritional re-orientation has made significant progress in the reduction of malnutrition in The Gambia. Dundal Njoboot is now a household name in The Gambia

Women's Empowerment

Through functional literacy, communities and women in particular have been empowered with knowledgde and skills that enables them to make their own decisions including protection of their sexual and reproductive rights


Research, data processing, and  M&E

As the foundation's name implies, research, IEC, and documentation are major pivots on which BAFROW's activities revolve. This Unit operates and maintains a dynamic database on all the activities of the organization, carried out as and when required. These are mainly related to assessments, baseline surveys, knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) surveys, and program/project evaluation.  It processes and analyzes the data and produces reports. The results of these activities inform the planning and design, monitoring and evaluation of programs, and are also shared with our partners and the public through our quarterly news letters. Libraries operate at the BAFROW head quarter and at Centers of the Key Model Villages.

Publication and documentation

BAFROW produces and publishes the following:

  • The Well Woman: This is a newsletter that features the activities of BAFROW and how they impact on the lives of women in particular and the community in general. It also highlights national trends and how communities are reacting to such trends. It features articles that provide analysis on thematic and emerging issues. It is directed to policy makers, planners, programmers and other stakeholders.

  • The AGSP Girls' Newsletter: This is a news letter published twice yearly, it features events and activities in relation to girl's empowerment. It is based on a partnership program between BAFROW and FAWE-Gambia. A summary of this joint partnership program is highlighted above.
  • Baaty Ndow-yi: This is the publication of the BAFROW Youth Advocacy Group, it provides information on issues concerning young people, and conversations between youth groups. Diverse themes are featured in the publication and include sexual and reproductive health of young people, HIV/AIDS prevention strategies, gender-based violence, harmful traditional practices, youth education, employment issue etc.
  • Simple Readers  and training curricula, and IEC materials for the functional literacy program and all other awareness raising materials such as posters, leaflets, booklets, etc.

The program also designs, produces and distributes print and audio-visual materials, and receives and stores information in a systemized manner for easy access.

BAFROW  houses a library in Banjul and Mandinaba with about 400 volumes each spanning  from books, pamphlets, periodicals, audio tapes, video tapes, CD ROMs and DVDs, on health, human rights, empowerment, and environment; and a miscellaneous section covering, media, arts/humanities, and science and technology.

These mini-libraries, which cater for both English and local language users, are regularly visited by researchers, students and other users from within and outside the country. Other  libraries will soon be accessible to the public at other BAFROW sites/ centers.

Photo Gallery

Visit of IDB President to BAFROW’s fistula Centre EGDC Director to Bafrows Fistula Centrre  First baby of 2016 at BAFROW Clinic

Presentation of gifts to parents of the  first baby

Show of gratitude and appreciation Awareness raising in communities Friends of BAFROW