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Mandinaba Model Village

Bafrow's Model Centre in Mandinaba showcases our holistic,comprehensive and human centered approach to sustainable development.

Female Genital Cutting

BAFROW's comprehensive and integrated FGMC prevention program advocates for a restructured rites of passage of girls that excludes cutting

Fistula Prevention and Management

The first Fistula treatment and rehabilitation centre in The Gambia has increased treatment of Fistula patients.

'Dundal Njoboot' High Protein Cereal

Bafrow's campaign on nutritional re-orientation has made significant progress in the reduction of malnutrition in The Gambia. Dundal Njoboot is now a household name in The Gambia

Women's Empowerment

Through functional literacy, communities and women in particular have been empowered with knowledgde and skills that enables them to make their own decisions including protection of their sexual and reproductive rights


Gambian women's traditional roles of exploring, exploiting and sustaining the environment both for domestic use and for the survival of the family place them as high stakeholders in the environment. Their predominant use of water, fuel wood and herbs renders them as managers for the sustainability of the environment. Even though the program focuses on women, it also targets men as well as young people and children.

The functional literacy program
teaches women how to manage their surrounding ecosystem; to understand the relationship between clean drinking water and health, and the maintenance of healthy environmental sanitation.; ensuring that pit hole latrines are not built near water supply sites; demonstrating through films, posters, dramas and any form of media how the individual, the family and the entire community can be affected by drinking contaminated water.

Increased awareness of communities on the need for proper environmental management and protection contributes to the increase in the number of tree planting activities and wood lots in Model Villages to arrest deforestation and ensure the sustainability and lushness of the vegetation. The program will soon be extended to the larger community especially to reduce the burning of trees for coal fuel.

The program

  • Provides research information regarding the social impact of environmental and development projects
  • Documents what women have been doing at the grassroots level to address problems relating to energy, water, water sanitation and waste management
  • Supports women's groups' initiative on environmental issues.
  • Organizes and supports training and information campaigns on environmental protection, preservation and regeneration.
  • Supports and participate in development projects that promote ecological stability and human environment.
  • Encourages and supports women and children to embark in tree planting in their back yard

Below are actions that have worked well under this program and have contributed tremendously to the improvement of the lives of the communities as well as their environment:


In partnership with the community, BAFROW sunk 12 new model pit latrines in Mandinaba.The VIP latrines were developed in accordance with the modern standards and specification by the department of community development. Residents of neighboring villages were encouraged to replicate the model in their compounds. Both men and women were provided with skills to construct the latrines and many private and public toilets have since been built. This community action has significantly improved sanitation in these areas.







This activity involves proper management of water for household use, public water supply such as wells, boreholes, streams, and the establishment of water catchments for water storage, ways of keeping clean water for domestic use and how to make drinking water safe. 







The Mandinaba village market was constructed by BAFROW. It is in response to a felt need expressed by the villagers. Hitherto the construction of the market, women spread their goods and products on the streets, fresh and processed products were exposed to dust generated by the traffic and women and children and their good were susceptible to the dangers posed by the traffic. Garbage and residues from the street market also posed environmental hazards.

The new market is environmentally friendly. It is strategically located and easily accessible to the public. The market complex includes a wide area of concrete floor and covered iron roof. It has sections for specific commodities such as butchery, fish and seafood, groceries and fresh vegetables and other items

Each of these sections has stalls with tiled slabs as tables to display the products. These can easily be cleaned at the end of each marketday. The market has piped water supply.

There is an adjacent two-storey structure which provides space for a mini retail store at the top floor, and a wholesale store at the lower floor. Both stores supply a variety of goods, and commodities and villagers no longer have to travel to the cities in search of these products. Thus, the market is also an incentive for increased productivity in agriculture and horticulture in the area. A market committee is set up set up to ensure proper management of the premises. Vendors contribute financially and in kind to maintain the market, and they organize themselves for skills upgrading in market related issues.

This market contributes to the improvement of the environmental sanitation of the village, as well as the reduction in the incidence of traffic accidents involving vendors, their children and buyers.

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