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Bafrow Medical Centre

Mandinaba Model Village

Bafrow's Model Centre in Mandinaba showcases our holistic,comprehensive and human centered approach to sustainable development.

Female Genital Cutting

BAFROW's comprehensive and integrated FGMC prevention program advocates for a restructured rites of passage of girls that excludes cutting

Fistula Prevention and Management

The first Fistula treatment and rehabilitation centre in The Gambia has increased treatment of Fistula patients.

'Dundal Njoboot' High Protein Cereal

Bafrow's campaign on nutritional re-orientation has made significant progress in the reduction of malnutrition in The Gambia. Dundal Njoboot is now a household name in The Gambia

Women's Empowerment

Through functional literacy, communities and women in particular have been empowered with knowledgde and skills that enables them to make their own decisions including protection of their sexual and reproductive rights


Society does not exist in a vacuum. It is built within a framework of values that are identified with norms, cultures and traditions. These elements are designed and developed overtime, and sustained by a people to give them their identity, to govern their day-to-day lives, and to direct their socio-economic activities. Culture and tradition have the capacity to maintain peaceful co-existence among a people just as they have the capacity to destroy and integrate society. One must not therefore underestimate the power and influence of our tradition and culture. Fortunately, the dynamics of these elements can make space for adjustments and change. The success of such adjustments is of course determined by peoples' approaches in dealing with the issue for which change is desired. It is within this context that BAFROW and its grassroots partners conceived the idea of addressing the issue of FGMC within the framework of a restructured passage rite for girls.

What does this imply?

The cutting of parts or all of the female external genitalia has its roots entrenched in culture and tradition. It is very deep-rooted and by its very nature highly protected in secrecy. It has various dimensions and synergies that give this traditional practice the strength and longevity for survival. BAFROW perceives some of these dimensions as follows:

  •     The Gender Dimension

BAFROW considers FGM as a hazard to women's health and impinges on their reproductive health rights. This is because

  1. The female reproductive organ is a sacred source of power
  2. A source for procreation: childbearing and offsprings are essential and form the basis of the social fabric of the Gambian family; productive organ
  3. It strengthens the bond of marriage and family cohesion through healthy sexual relationship  between partners; loyalty and faithfulness
  4. Healthy sexual reproductive organ builds on a sound and healthy mind free from psychosexual and emotional trauma.

  •     The Social Dimension
The elimination of FGMC cannot be discussed exclusive of its social aspects. At whatever stage a female person is initiated by the cutting of part or all of her external genital organ, as a baby, a toddler, a teenager or as a woman; there is always some form of social interaction. In a way, such occasions provide the only opportunity whereby some women can rally around issues pertaining to their sexuality and matters that cannot be discussed outside this forum. The mere process of discussing and going through the preparations for this occasion gives the individual and the community a sense of identity and belonging.  For the circumcisers and their assistants, this and its related events are manifestations of their unique social and economic status which they will not easily relinquish. In some communities where girls are initiated at a fairly older age, the rituals and ceremonies are some thing that they look forward to. Indeed the social aspects of this tradition and the desire for self-fulfillment and self-realization are what make it a force to be reckoned with.

In our efforts therefore, to eliminate the practice of FGMC, we must built upon the positive aspects of the tradition and do away with the negative aspects. Thus, "Initiation without Mutilation". The restructured rite of passage for girls is an approach that seeks to demonstrate to the Gambian populace the need to respect and appreciate our cultural heritage; the need to understand that we cannot afford to deprive our people of their entire values let alone those that enhance peaceful coexistence and of course the need to make adjustments and changes in our traditions without causing any damage to the very fabric that holds our existence, that gives meaning to our lives; an identity that is unique to our people.

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