Bafrow Medical Centre

Providing quality,affordable and accessible health care services.

Bafrow Medical Centre

Mandinaba Model Village

Bafrow's Model Centre in Mandinaba showcases our holistic,comprehensive and human centered approach to sustainable development.

Female Genital Cutting

BAFROW's comprehensive and integrated FGMC prevention program advocates for a restructured rites of passage of girls that excludes cutting

Fistula Prevention and Management

The first Fistula treatment and rehabilitation centre in The Gambia has increased treatment of Fistula patients.

'Dundal Njoboot' High Protein Cereal

Bafrow's campaign on nutritional re-orientation has made significant progress in the reduction of malnutrition in The Gambia. Dundal Njoboot is now a household name in The Gambia

Women's Empowerment

Through functional literacy, communities and women in particular have been empowered with knowledgde and skills that enables them to make their own decisions including protection of their sexual and reproductive rights

Bafrow Medical Centre

Welcome to BAFROW Medical Centre

Providing quality and affordable health care services

BAFROW Medical Centres are `established to contribute to the realisation of the Health Policy Goal to reduce morbidity and mortality and ensuring access to quality basic clinical care package and improvement in the quality of reproductive life of all persons in The Gambia, as a pathway to the health related MDGs and our National Vision 2020 goals. The Clinic is self sustainable to reduce dependence on donor funding and move towards a sustainable path to delivery of health services.

At BAFROW Medical Center, we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of care at the most affordable prices.  Our staff are qualified, experienced and committed doctors, nurses and support staff who are always available to provide information and assistance when needed in the most friendly and conducive environment.

Our clinics in both Serrekunda and Mandinaba are strategically located for easy access

We provide in and outpatient care 24/7

Our reception is managed by a team of highly trained and experienced staff who are experts in managing patients’ files, assist in taking appointments and arranging for consultations and interacting with patients and their relatives, and providing them with proper guidance and care inside the hospital.

 Reception Area   

Our waiting area allows patients to wait in comfort in a clean and fresh environment

one of our Waiting Lounges 


Our services

Out-patient services

We offer general and specialist clinics by highly trained doctors in their various areas of specialization. Our general clinics run everyday, 24 hours a day 7 days a week with doctors available at all times.  Our specialists clinics are as follows:-


Medical clinic   -                                       Every Mondays and Saturdays

Obstetric and Gynecology  -                       Tuesdays and Thursdays

Surgical and paediatric clinics -                   Wednesdays and Fridays

Infant Welfare clinics                                Thursdays and Saturdays

In patient services

Our wards are designed to benefit the patient not only by providing their medical needs, but also providing their needs for a comfortable and safe environment. They are well equiped with cable flat screen TV, call and announcement systems, and well equiped nursing stations.  We have both general and private wards. Our private wards provide patients with an added level of comfort and luxury.

 Postnatal Ward General Ward Private Ward


Maternity Care

The birth of a baby is one of the most significant life experience . At BAFROW Medical Center our Obstetricians/Gynaecologists, midwives and care team strive to make pregnancy and childbirth as safe and memorable as possible.

 Doctor Scanning a Patient  


Our surgical department focuses on providing you with advanced surgical care in well equiped operating theatres with highly experienced surgeons 



The clinic operates a laboratory service that runs around the clock.  It is managed by highly qualified laboratory technicians and Assistants using the most up to date equipment



BAFROW runs a full service, well-stocked pharmacy.  Our Pharmacy staff provide professional services that are geared towards high quality patient care



BAFROW Medical Center always strives to bring to its patients the benefits of the most modern medical equipment for quality care



Other services

  • Counselling

Our social workers and counsellors are there all the time to address the psycho-social needs of our patients


  • Health education

We offer health education to our clients on any health issue We also offer enjoyable sessions for women and their partners/support person about pregnancy.  These sessions involve discussions with the doctors, midwives, social worker, dietician and counsellor on your pregnancy, and how to prepare for birth and take care of your baby after delivery.


  • Pampering services

We want you to really enjoy your pregnancy. So enroll in our prenatal and postnatal pampering services. We offer massage, facials, manicure/pedicure, and many other relaxing activities.  Relalaxation is great for pregnancy.



  • Domestic/catering services

We offer free breakfast and tea to our patients.  Enjoy our delicious continental breakfast prepared in the most clean and healthy environment


 Visiting hours

Family and friends are welcomed to visit from 4pm – 6pm daily.  Our philosophy of care is to promote rest.  Therefore, we would appreciate if our patients are left undisturbed in the care of our nurses. 


Our quiet rest time is between 2pm -4pm

Photo Gallery

Visit of IDB President to BAFROW’s fistula Centre EGDC Director to Bafrows Fistula Centrre  First baby of 2016 at BAFROW Clinic

Presentation of gifts to parents of the  first baby

Show of gratitude and appreciation Awareness raising in communities Friends of BAFROW