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‘Dimbaayaa Balundoo’/ ‘Dundal Njobot’/ ‘Munko’

BAFROW is convinced that sound health is related to other aspects such as economic well-being, conducive physical and social environments, good nutrition and personal hygiene, functional literacy, and the absence of cultural and traditional practices that impinge on sound health.

As a result, as well as providing communities with health care, BAFROW also trains selected women in various communities on life skills that would enable them to become both productive to the nation and financially independent. 

One such skill is the production of a high protein, nutritious cereal called Dundal Njobot/ Dimbaayaa Balundoo, and locally known as Munko or BAFROW.

The cereal, produced since 2003 and analyzed by an experienced nutritionist, is now a household name. It is produced at BAFROW’s Multi-purpose Skills Training Centre.

How to prepare

  1. Add cold water to desired amount of powder for light paste
  2. Slowly pour paste mixture into boiling water while stirring gently
  3. Leave to cook for approximately 10  minutes; stir at intervals
  4. Add milk and/or sugar to taste for preference  

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